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With a background in manufacturing in the Minnesota Ordinance Industry and a lifelong interest in Military and Weapons History, Phil Rustad has a unique perspective for writing a murder mystery. By combining state of the art technology with the age old inner struggle between our good and evil natures, he crafts a story that is both modern and ancient. In Dart, he examines the human drive to seek justice in a world that is daily redefining that word. After 25 years in manufacturing, Phil was drawn by his lifelong interest in architecture into Real Estate. He is also very active in the sports of Dog Obedience and Agility, both as an exhibitor/instructor and as an AKC Obedience Trial Judge. When not selling homes, writing or training and showing his dogs Phil enjoys reading, fishing, creating stained glass windows, playing his French Horn and playing with his grandchildren.

Phil and his wife Cindy live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with their four-legged friends, where he is hard at work on his next Dan Neumann mystery.

A note from the author: The Phil Rustad Mysteries web site has been having some email issues which have now been resolved. If you've written and not received a reply, I'm not ignoring you. I simply didn't get your return email address. Please feel free to re-message me and I'll get back to you. Thanks for your patience. -Phil Rustad

Alamo, North Dakota

"Alamo, North Dakota promises to be a title worth reading...."


"Phil Rustad has written an exciting mystery. It has a cinematic quality.... The characters are well drawn; their motivations intriguing.

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