In his second Dan Neumann mystery (Alamo, North Dakota), Phil Rustad takes Dan and readers in a completely different direction from his previous work. Calling on his background in real estate history, ordinance manufacturing, art and architecture, Rustad weaves an intricate trail of lost love and greed. His gift for detail and perspective will make this a book you won’t be able to put down.

“Rustad’s eclectic background is always showing up in his books, paving the way for unique and unpredictable story lines full of character and compelling quirks. What will the local Whodunnit author think of next?”

-Plymouth Magazine, March 20, 2011


Kathleen Flynn- “I don’t normally read murder mysteries, but I could not put this book down…. This book was very well set up and kept the reader trying to guess “who dunit.” I would most definitely recommend this book!!”


Karon Ives- “I loved it!! I couldn’t put it down once I started it…. Kept me interested right from the start all the way to the end!”


S. T. Newell- “Phil Rustad has written an exciting mystery. It has a cinematic quality…. The characters are well drawn; their motivations intriguing.


L. Hill- “For those who enjoy Tom Clancy or Clive Cussler, or our own Minnesotan Vince Flynn, this book will not disappoint!